MARCH 2011

Dear All,

Any sign of spring where you are? Certainly not here in Sweden! Anyways, it is newsletter time again and this time I would like to invite you to a few solo recitals.

Starting with a bit of a special occasion on Saturday 5th March at 8.00pm at the Mediencampus Villa Ida concert hall in Leipzig, Germany. I am taking part in a recital to celebrate the 75th birthday of Ingbert Blüthner, playing Schumann's Carnaval. More info:

Then follows four recitals in Sweden with a programme of works by Mendelssohn, Schumann, Chopin & Liszt;
Musikens Hus, Katrineholm on Sunday 13th at 5.00pm.
Ceciliakapellet, Oskarshamn on Thursday 17th at 7.00pm.
Kulturhuset Valfisken, Simrishamn on Saturday 19th at 4.00pm.
Församligshemmet, Landskrona on Sunday 20th at 4.00pm.

Hope to see you there

Best wishes
Martin Sturfält